What is content marketing and why has it become so ubiquitous?

Content marketing

Despite content marketing rising in popularity and prevalence, many people struggle to explain exactly what it is.

With so much content being devoured every day in every industry, that seems a bit daft, doesn’t it?

For those of you who are a little unsure when it comes content marketing (why it has suddenly become so relevant, and how it can positively impact your business?) keep reading to find out more.

What is content marketing?

The first thing we should tackle is arguably the simplest question: what is content marketing?

‘Content’ can take the form of an article, video, app or podcast, but, according to the Content Marketing Institute, the definition is:

“... a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Sounds a bit wordy, right? And if you’re still a little confused - you’re not alone.

For example, if you run an independent online travel agent, then simply advertising your list of holiday destinations might not be enough to drive sales. You might need to spend hundreds on advertising and do a lot of groundwork to launch your business.

If you instead publish regular, high-quality travel articles that feature popular destinations and top tourist attractions, you’ll be providing content that your top target consumers are looking for. If they like your content, you have a better chance of earning their business.

Instead of shoving promotional, ‘salesy’ ads into your customers’ faces, you’re providing relevant and educational content. That is what content marketing is in a nutshell.

Why has content marketing become so ubiquitous?

Content marketing is considered both the present and the future of marketing. Consumers are seeking the type of content your business can provide today, but the more high-quality and relevant that content is, the more it will stand out in years to come.

Businesses are looking for unique ways to market their products, and by providing their target consumers with informative content, they become a recognised authority in their field and stay relevant to the customers that matter.

How can content marketing positively impact your business?

You might be asking yourself: is content marketing just another way that pop-up businesses can talk me into spending money on something my business doesn’t need? The simple answer is no

As the internet dilutes further and becomes clouded with millions of business, blog posts and websites all trying to tell or sell you the same thing, the best content marketing can be a valuable way to increase your sales, save you money and earn you better and more loyal customers.

Wrapping up

Content marketing is becoming a necessary and valuable way to market any type of business. It’s a brilliant way to raise the profile of your organisation by providing genuinely useful, educative content.

The more relevant, unique content you produce as a business, the more likely that audience is to grow and, eventually, turn into paying customers.

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