Who we are

This isn't a content factory.

Nothing quite fit the bill… so we created it

Content Director is the brainchild of UK-based marketing and content experts.

Realising that there wasn’t a cost-effective creative outlet for the countless content creators out there, nor a way for businesses to find unique, high-quality words, audio or imagery for their websites, they set about creating a platform to fill the gap.

Content Director isn't a stock content directory, nor is it a content factory. It has been built to provide the best words, imagery and audio for the people and businesses who need it, but it’s also for content creators who want a profitable outlet for their hard work.

Helping you find or sell content

Content Director has been built for two purposes:

  • to help businesses find the content they need for their next web project; and
  • to help content creators find new customers and sell their content.


We do this by providing a brilliant, easy-to-use platform on which to find and sell amazing content. You can sign up for free today as a content creator or subscriber and delve instantly into a vibrant marketplace.

We’re here for you, whether you need great content or have become disillusioned by the content market as a creator. 

You own the content we have provided the platform for you to promote and sell your own content

We don’t own any of the content on this site (bar the words you’re reading now, of course!); every piece of content starts its life under the ownership of the original creator. It stays that way if sold as standard content and can be purchased by multiple people. If the creator sets the content as premium, the rights are transferred to the purchaser and the content removed from our directory.

It’s a transaction that’s about as simple, fair and downright obvious as it gets, and it’s why our creators and subscribers love Content Director.

Content Director is a community first and foremost, and one we’re dedicated to continually improving as the membership base grows. Join us!

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